Stocard – Presentation & Get-Together

Donnerstag, 27. Oktober um 19 Uhr

What Stocard does:

Stocard was founded by three graduates of the University of Mannheim in 2012. Since then,

more than 10 million users have downloaded the app to save all their plastic cards on the

smartphone. This makes Stocard the leading mobile wallet in Europe and Australia.

What’s the talk about?

Stocard’s founder David Handlos will share insights about how Stocard constantly improves

its app and marketing by analysing data and user preferences. Learn about techniques like

A/B- and multivariate testing. You can find out how they became one of the few selected

editor’s choice apps in the Google Play Store.

Students also had the chance to hand in their CVs and get invited for an exclusive get-

together after the presentation with the founders in a relaxed atmosphere. Have a few drinks

and get to know the team.